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An Incomplete History of Dance:
A Podcast

An Incomplete History of Dance is a podcast about dance, unsurprisingly. Meghan Varner, lifelong dance nerd, and Murlin Varner, who knows only what he's picked up from parenting a lifelong dance nerd, share stories from some of the strangest, funniest, and most important moments in dance history.

We explore a wide variety of dance styles and their roles in various cultures. Want to know what 1950's Chinese ballet was like? Probably not until I said that, but it's a question we can answer! Want to know if a ballet really sparked a riot? Honestly, it probably didn't, but there's still some confusion on the subject!

If you are a dancer, a nerd, or studying for your very niche college class, this podcast is for you.

Episodes post every month!

The next episode has been postponed but will be out within the week!


A pair of pointe shoes on a swirly purple backdrop, with the words "An Incomplete History of Dance"
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